Original / Překlad

Edge of the Abyss

The Clock

Sitting alone in my small empty room
I´m thinking about my demented life
Sleepily looking at the rising moon
Resignedly waiting for the beast of the night

The past was great, but so very fast
Now all my visions are a little bit dark
Listening to the sound of the ticking voice
Measuring the time to the final hour

Everything around becomes confused
Dirty wet dreams and wraiths are realized
The Clock strikes midnight, I´m still alone
I´ve decided to kill them before they grow



My life was always shit
I Think I don´t need it anymore
I´m the sinner Now I know this
Something is wrong with me for sure

Last night I saw my face
The face was strange but I´m sure it was mine
Last night I tried to shoot myself
But my loaded gun misfired

Don´t tell me it will be alright
When the creatures start to fight
Nightmares are coming home again
I live my life with my own pain

Ref.:    Doctor, Doctor - Give me a chance,
Doctor, Doctor  - Help me find my way.
Doctor, Doctor - I want you please,
Doctor, Doctor - Kill my disease.



Hide And Seek

Miles away from home
Only the whispering of the wind
There is a bill you have to pay somehow

I´m full of hate
Spending my time without you
Between right and wrong, with a wall behind me

Ref.:    A thin red line between right and wrong…

Plastic men on the streets
Moving like puppets on the strings
Every night a gun under my pillow
My crazy head will explode
The only thing I feel is pain
And in the sky flying swallows

Lets play the game Hide & Seek


Jack´s disappointment

They call me Jack the Ripper
I can whet the knives
I wish I learned the secret
And not to be disappointed.
I want to find out what´s inside of women
I´m doing it for knowledge and glory
That is why I am telling you this story.

How disappointed I was
I started to feel sick
So many magical words
Nightingales and roses
One cut of the knife
So much filth inside
Now I know and I am sorry
That is why I was telling you this story.

Ref.:    Oh, Jack that´s regret
            That´s Jack´s regret
            That´s Jack´s regret
            That´s Jack´s regret



Ref.:    If You hear the whispering inside your head
And shadows still dancing around

…. Am I dying in pain?

Hell was full, so he´s coming back
The brainsmasher knocks on my door

… Should I open it for you?

You are locked inside the cage
Black curtain around your mind
Shades are gray, so feel the fear
Hopes are falling apart

Something is growing in my mind
I cannot call for help
The dawn is far, the Moon is rising
My eyes are full of hate